Defining a brand identity for Espero Global with with the intensity model

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In the last week of October I've started helping Espero Global - a charity with the aim of helping young kids in Dominican Republic - defining their brand identity and offering them a brand book in order to help them with their campaigns. One of the founders was a ex collegue from The Economist. 

This case study is focusing how I've applied an intensive method and its efficiency when we are working on delivering a brand identity and its strategy. This is still an ongoing project and I've been working with Joss Debae, London based Creative Strategist.


Espero is moving towards the next chapter in his journey and need a brand identity to reflect this. With the real desire to better express the work Espero does, the brand identity needed to enable and empower younger generations across the brand and on social media. Espero Global had an exciting challenge and we wanted to be the creative and strategic partner to help bring this to life in the most distinctive and compelling way. The following was the package on how we've planned our delivery:

✦ Research + Workshop
✦ Brand Identity development
✦ Brand Book & Social Media Toolkit


During this first phase we focused on getting to know the people behind Espero and the brand ambitions for the future. We’ll audit the existing brand material and use a workshop to unpack the essential truths that should inform the new identity.

This collaborative session will help answer questions like:
✦ What is your vision for the future?
✦ Who are your audiences and what do they care about?
✦ Who are your competitors and peers?
✦ What challenges and opportunities do you face?


We've met with Espero in real life on site but we conducted a workshop on a figma jam board where we decoded their own DNA, and any valuable details that could help decode their own identity. The workshop was defined by one hour inteview and one hour of a visual exercise. In the interview we investigated about where they stand now, what their vision for the future is and who were we speaking to - who were their audiences and users. For the visual exercise we've collected a very long number of curated pictures and divided in the following cathegories : typography, logo, photography, campaigns and spaces. For this second and last part of the workshop we've asked the founders to select all the pictures that felt part of their philosophy and the ones that were completely out of their confort area - we asked to comment each single actions and took some notes.


Using the learnings from the Discover phase, we’ll begin translating your essential truths into a creative platform for concept development. We’ll kick off a design sprint to establish the different directions you could take, and the creative territories that allow you to go there, in the form of visual mood boards. 

OUTPUT : Design sprint culminating in different creative routes to align and agree on. (visual moodboards)


While researching into young assosiations but also getting deeper into the knowledge of what Espero Global is, we have started to ceate work-flows and patterns that could cohesist together with the brand identity. We called them steps or also badges that gave Espero that sense of growth and belonging. When Espero will need to communicate to corporate or other donors it will always break into steps their workflow with the schools and young. And at the same time, the young will grow with Espero and define their wins with the same badges. These will be reflected into small illustrations and different frames that could live on their website, tshirt, stickers and actual badges to stick them everywhere.


Once we’ve agreed on a chosen direction, we’ll build out the concept further and refine the visual language, tonality, and graphic expression of your new brand identity.

OUTPUT : Design development of new brand (graphic language including colour palette, typefaceS, logo mark& LOGOTYPE).


The final phase is when we deliver a brand book with guidelines and templates. Once the brand has been approved and delivered, you will own 100% usage rights to all deliverables for an unlimited period.

OUTPUT : Brand Book with templates


I will upload the final outputs soon!


✦ Brand Identity and Strategy

✦ Discovery Workshop + DNA 

✦ Oopportunity analysis and collaboration

✦ Brand vision definition with founders & conversation with talent

✦ Defining three dinstinctive design routes

✦ Testing outcomes and different design soltutions


✦ Joss Debae aka Joss Debae Studio

Karen Castillo Espero Global CEO

✦ Steve Davies Espero Global Founder

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