B is a designer with nine years experience - from startups to well established businesses. Born in Rome, where she spent her childhood, Beatrice lived in Berlin before moving to London the year before Brexit happen. She studied Visual Communication and Industrial Design specialising in UX design with a thesis on iOS App. She's now a proactive leader with experience of nurturing a team of growing designers with the goal of building a culture of inclusivity and design excellence. Capable of switching to defining strategy to designing user experience with a great attention to details, while following and measuring the life of products and their users.


I've worked with Chanel, Chloé, H&M, Mercedez Benz, The Economist, The Telegraph, Heist Studios, Fortun & Mason and various agencies. To view my experience check my LInkedin or my CV.


✦ Leading user experience of a product from conception to launch

✦ Contributing to strategic decisions around the future direction of businesses

✦ Goal of building a design culture of a collaborative excellence 

✦ Designing flows and user experiences that are simple and elegant

✦ Proactively building a team culture of openness and feedback

✦ Product Design process savvy, but also creative solution driven

✦ Passion for user-centered design and data with intense focus to detail

✦ Building, defining and evolving design systems collaboratively

✦ Fluent in English, German and Italian



Common Roots Published by RAETIA 2019

HUNGER Magazine 27.05.2020

 SCHÖN Magazine 25.04.2020

 Salto BZ 29.09.2020


✦ In 2016 I've founded BBLS - a London based digitally-led creative studio and platform that promotes and nurtures sustainable fashion brands.

✦ I've helped improve how we run The Economist Design Crits running couple of workshop together with the team and testing a similar approach at The Telegraph.

✦ In the beginning of the pandemic It was my initiative to find some time for the designers at The Economist where to meet, grow and get inspired together. I've reached out to business leaders in the sector inviting them to speak and created a series of internal event. After a year The Dotted Lines become also a design meetup where I collaborated closely with the Heads of Products and Graphics for organising one hour long internal meeting that helped align our products offering opportunities for collaborations and created a sense of community within the business.

 ✦ Currently menthoring at ADPList


✦ I'm a photographer - and I should put together a website for it but for now you can find some on here.

✦ I write on Medium about sustainability and design

✦ I'm an advanced Scuba diver and hard-core swimmer - my dad is a landscape photographer and he trasmitted me the passion for the adventure. Have a look at his website.

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